My intent in starting this blog is to help spread the idea of freedom.  I believe striving toward libertarian ideals would be highly beneficial for our country.  The non-aggression principle is considered to be the main tenet of libertarianism.  Don’t hurt anyone else, and don’t damage or steal their property.  Property includes air and water.  Vices are not generally considered to be crimes.  Of course there is a lot more to it than that.  But the line of logic starts there and goes into things like homesteading and the finer points of property rights.

Many of the libertarian philosophy books that I have read are written by, or are similar to the views of Murray Rothbard.  Rothbard has been one of the major influences in libertarian thought since the 1960’s.  He followed the non-aggression principle to its logical end and called it anarcho-capitalism.  This basically means there is no government, and private industry provides any services that have value.  The consumer regulates corporations through purchase of goods and services or lack thereof.  Obviously this would require honest journalism, or at least free competition.  This is markedly different than government which relies on coercion.  There would still be laws against aggressive acts, but they would be enforced by private police and courts.  They answer to us, their direct customer.  Without government as a lever of legal coercion, businesses must live and die by the market value of their service or good, not by their ability buy tax breaks and influence laws that eliminate upstart competition.

Libertarians on the other end of the spectrum are much more pragmatic and say that if our republic followed the constitution we would be just fine.  My views fall somewhere in between those ends.  You may not agree with me, but consider this:
The federal government alone is blowing through a quarter of our entire output.  Include state and local public spending, and that number rises to around 35%.  This percentage has nearly doubled since the 1940’s.  Government holds a damaging monopoly in the areas it touches, and is at least as, if not much more corrupt than the private sector.  It is my hope to convince you that coercion of any kind should be avoided whenever possible.

I may write or post some things about our government that you disagree with.  I might post some things I don’t agree with 100%, but find them to be an interesting perspective.  Please keep an open mind.  Speak up if you think I don’t have my facts straight.  Another goal of this blog was learning from your perspective, so speak up and keep me honest.  I think having a civil discussion about the nature of government is very important at this point in time.  Difference of opinion is expected.  I am not an expert of libertarianism, just a student hoping to get others to give it a fair look.  This is my attempt at making a difference because I feel that politics is a lost cause.

Another reason I decided to start this blog is that I’ve found that I like to write, and figured this should be a good creative outlet.  It’s possible there will be some book, movie, or gear reviews.

Thanks for reading,


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