The Assclown Circus

This is the best election cycle ever!  Isn’t it a riot watching those two prove what many of us know to be true?  Politicians are among the most despicable humans on the planet.  Usually their kind hide it pretty well, but these two are such egomaniacs they can’t help but utter populist bullshit and lie about everything they can get away with.  Politicians in general have psychopathic tendencies, but this year it is more evident to most of us, and that is the greatest outcome of all of this ugliness.


If you happen to be firmly on one side or the other I’m sure you have well reasoned arguments based on an issue or two.  Now consider how often politicians fail to come through on promises.  It’s similar to the logic that says if you vote for a third party candidate you’re taking away votes from one of the mainstream candidates.  I’m not sure which third party candidate steals votes from which mainstream candidate, but I think it hardly matters.  If you change the channel or read a different website, you’ll find a different opinion.  If you really think it matters, you’re just living in fear of the other one taking office.  Stop it!  Don’t live in fear.  Don’t hate those you see as ignorant.  Both sides are correct.  The “other candidate” is a despicable human being.

If you’re against war, hold your nose.  Hillary has proven to be as bloodthirsty and reckless as any of the neo-cons, and Trump has spoken out of both sides of his mouth on this issue, mostly out of the ‘blow em up’ side.  I hold a very unfashionable belief.  It is that if you kill someone’s neighbors, children, or parents, they are going to want you dead as well. Yeah, it sounds crazy, but the CIA actually believes this too.  Unfortunately, few in congress seem to understand it.  They are wasting young lives and a lot of tax dollars on a corrupt jobs program for producers of military goods.  Congressmen, lobbyists and defense contractors get paid well.  The oil, banking, and other commercial businesses that now move into the area can make quite a profit.  Soldiers get paid poorly, and in return and are killed, maimed, or psychologically messed up.  The CIA created ISIS either on purpose or by accident depending on how cynical you are.  Read the missing 28 pages of the 911 report.  Prince Bandar from Saudi Arabia (affectionately known as “Bandar Bush” by GW) and others in the Saudi government aided the 9/11 hijackers.  If you’re not aware, Saudi Arabia is the oil rich country that has been holding down the price of oil to kill new industry in the US.  The US gives them foreign aid, and the US military is right now working with them to kill people in Yemen.  Oh yeah, and the Saudis behead way more people than ISIS.  Just to be clear that there are no good guys in this shit show, Obama recently tried to veto legislation that would allow the families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia.  He’s worried that might open US officials up to similar suits from abroad.  Yes Barack, murder should have consequences.

Anybody for a reduction in federal spending?  Surely I’m joking.  Who’s going to do that?  Republicans talk about it but cut nothing.  Democrats talk about spending more and typically do.  But wouldn’t you know it, they have an excuse.  In his 1936 book entitled “The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money” John Maynard Keynes theorized that the way to get an economy out of a recession is by spending a large amount of money.  Of course only our wise overlords are smart enough to know how best to spend the large sums of money.  Amazingly, they adopted Keynes’ theories over competing ideas that said savings and investment are the keys to prosperity .  Surely you’re familiar with the effects of this roller coaster monetary policy.  Events known as “The Great Depression”, “The Dotcom Crash”, the housing bust and subsequent “Great Recession” were all created by loose monetary policy that first caused an unsustainable boom in certain sectors of the economy.  At some point the Fed fears runaway inflation, pulls away the spiked punchbowl, and down we go again.  The stock market is about at all time highs right now.  Don’t let me get you down.  Surely this time is different.  If you think either of the two main contenders are on your side vs. Wall Street, you should check the facts on their top donors.

You might be saying to yourself, “Who else but a libertarian would be stupid enough to be against both murder and extortion on an extremely large scale?  That bastard is just going to pimp Gary Johnson.”  Nope.   Johnson is not much of a libertarian, and his running mate is not even close.  If I do vote I’m not sure if it will be for Johnson or Vermin Supreme.  Yes, Vermin Supreme,  the guy that wears a boot on his head.   If you’re forced to do something, brushing your teeth seems pretty trivial, and who would not like a free pony.

Vote for who you want to vote for… don’t vote … write in yourself…whatever.  Don’t let someone else tell you that you’re wasting your vote.  I will tell you as far as the presidential vote goes, in terms of probability, you’re wasting your time.  But if it makes you feel good, do it.  They say politics is a reflection of society.  If that is true, we could stand a little personal improvement.


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