Tom Woods: Hardest working guy in the liberty movement.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.  Two to three years into the program I was having a tough time and wanted to quit, but my parents encouraged me to step up to the challenge.  I studied hard the next semester, got on the Dean’s List, and continued to do well through fairly intense study.  After college there were a few years where I didn’t feel like learning except for occasional “edutainment” on the Discovery or History channels.  That changed when I lost my job and my 401K dropped by a third. In the search for an answer to why that happened, I found the subjects of libertarian philosophy and Austrian Economics.  Now I’m driven to absorb as much as I can about history, economics, philosophy, and logic relating to the non-aggression principle.  There are many sources for information out there, but in my opinion, the most prolific communicator in the circle of Austro-Libertarian thought is historian and author, Tom Woods.

Dr. Woods holds a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Columbia, both in History.  He has written eleven books, including two that I have read and were also on the New York Times best seller list, The Politically Incorrect Guide to American History and Meltdown.

Tom is the creator of an educational website called, which includes several courses in History, Logic and Economics.  The classes are presented in approximately 30 minute segments that are perfect for a commute or a short nightly session.

I recently finished the “Western Civilization to 1500” course.  It was very interesting to learn about ancient societies and get a broader understanding of the origin of many laws and mores in our current culture.  Religion, political arrangements, and economic activity were discussed from the time of Mesopotamia through the Middle Ages.

Presently, I’m listening to  “History of Political Thought Part 1”, and just got through some lectures on Plato’s thoughts on political philosophy.  It’s interesting to note that what he advised entailed slavery and totalitarianism.  I’m glad we have continued to discuss the ideal conditions for man to live under.

Tom also hosts a daily podcast called The Tom Woods Show.  I highly recommend tuning in as the guests are varied and always interesting.  You will learn a lot just by listening to the show.  If you tune in you will also get updates about another project he is working on, the Ron Paul Curriculum.  All this and his wife just had their fifth child, so you understand that he is prolific by all definitions of the word.

Considering that kind of schedule, I feel like a loafer for complaining about how tough college was or how busy my current schedule is.  We always have a little time in our day to learn something new.  It is in fact necessary if you want to live a full life.  If you generally agree with what I’ve been talking about on this blog, you should really look into   If you subscribe through a link on my blog I will get $30.  I’ll send you $10 via paypal and donate the rest to, or donate it all to if you wish.  Currently you can save 50% by using the coupon code DISCOUNT.


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