Beer Review: Saga

Saga is an India Pale Ale from Summit Brewing who says this beer is “Named after the Norse goddess Sága, drinking companion of the God Odin. With a divine tropical fruit hop aroma and clean, assertive bitterness.”saga

India Pale Ales are known to be hoppy or bitter.  There is a measurement scale for beer called International Bittering Units (IBUs).  Saga comes in at 80 IBU’s.  Just for reference, light American lagers rate 8-12 IBUs, and some of the highest ratings are over 100.  I did not like IPAs for a year or so.  A good friend of mine drank a lot of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and I typically don’t refuse any beer that is offered.  I got used to the taste and now IPAs are one of my favorite styles of beer.

Smell: Malt, earth, citrus.

Taste: Pine, medium hop kick holds throughout.  Citrus. Not incredible, but a very good IPA.

Mouthfeel:  Alcohol warmness (6.4%) dry and fairly carbonated.

Appearance:  Light copper.  Not much foam retention (only poured 1/4″ of head so maybe bad on me)

Overall:  Very good beer for the price. One of my stand bys along with Sierra Nevada.  I really like IPA’s and those two are both solid beers in my opinion.  It helps that they are both often on sale at my local shop.

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